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Back Stretcher Massage Cushion™

Back Stretcher Massage Cushion™

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Do you suffer from unpleasant pain and tension in your neck or back?

Then the Back Stretcher Massage Cushion™ will help you relax and instantly relieve neck and back pain caused by stiff muscles, crushed nerves and unhealthy spine alignment ! 

back stretcher

  • Relieves Back Pain - The back massage stretcher arch has 96 massage points, which brings acupuncture effect by deeply pressing the specific acupoints. This back stretcher perfectly supports the lumbar spine and reduces pressure on the lower back to relieve lumbar fatigue and allow the spine to return to its natural lines

 Back Stretcher

  • Multipurpose back support: The Back Stretcher is a home treatment for herniated disc, sciatic nerve, spinal canal stenosis, degeneration, tight knots, excessive flexion, and more! Perfect for use at home, on the office chair, in the gym, in the car or on the yoga mat. Using it twice a day for 5 minutes can effectively correct and improve posture and relax your back. Lumbar spine back pain, or back pain causing neck, head, or shoulder pain. Lumbar traction, muscle relaxation. Back & Spinal Decompression, Herniated Back Massage, Compressed or Bulged Discs.

 Back Massage

  • Posture correction: Use it for 5 min daily and let the pain go away 


  • Adjustable Design: The back massage stretcher has 3 level settings for use by any age or ability! You can fix this back extensor device at the most comfortable level for easy stretching and effective pain relief.

Back Pain Relief

  • Warm Gift for Yourself and Your Loved Ones - This stretcher is also a cushion/spine board, which is a gift worth choosing for parents or friends with a lumbar back pain problem.


Place the Back-Pain Eliminator on the floor with the curved side up. Make sure it is set according to your personal preferences. We recommend starting with the lowest setting. Some people prefer to put a pillow under their head for extra comfort. Slowly lie down on the Back-Pain Eliminator, keeping your spine in the middle gap. Put your arms over your head and stretch out. Relax and Enjoy! Remember to roll on your side to get up properly.


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