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Fun Tunnel Cat Cave™

Fun Tunnel Cat Cave™

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Did you know?

Cats are instinctively drawn to concealed spaces, seeking refuge in such areas as they provide a sense of warmth, safety, and enhanced comfort compared to open environments.

The absence of suitable hiding spots can contribute to a myriad of behavioral issues and heightened anxiety in your feline companion.

The Solution

Crafted from premium felted materials, the Fun Tunnel Cat Cave excels in offering insulating warmth and superior sound absorption, effectively minimizing ambient noise.

The Fun Tunnel Cat Cave is guaranteed to help your cat feel safe and comfortable, especially for easily startled pets.

Oversized Cave Space

Featuring a generous 7.8 inches of cave space, premium felted material and a donut-shaped bed at the top.

we make it easy for your cat to relax and feel more secure. Keep them healthy and happy every day of their lives.

Sturdy, Eco-conscious & Cat-friendly

The Fun Tunnel Cat Cave is crafted from enduring, non-toxic, and odor-resistant materials, ensuring both durability and resilience to regular use.

The cat tunnel bed, made from carefully chosen wear-resistant felt material, not only prevents the formation of fluffy balls but also provides a secure surface for safe scratching and rubbing.

Easy Zipper Mounting

The simple zipper assembly and disassembly method make it effortless to set up, transport, and store the cat bed.

This feature provides convenience for both the owner and the feline friend.

Stimulating Tunnel Design

The tunnel shape stimulates your cat's natural instincts to explore and play, the new peephole amps up playful peekaboo games and sneak attacks, while also boosting air circulation for a cool, comfy retreat.

Easy to Clean

The tunnel bed below is detachable, allowing for easy cleaning. Keep the cat cave in pristine condition by using a vacuum, rinsing, or hand washing it with warm water and detergent, ensuring proper hygiene and convenience.


  • Material: felt
  • S: Small (50*50*20cm)
  • L: Large(60*60*27cm)
  • Washing instructions: wash and hang dry, do not bleach, do not machine wash


1x Fun Tunnel Cat Cave™


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