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Multipurpose Monocular Telescope™

Multipurpose Monocular Telescope™

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This hand-held telescope gets you closer to the scene without actually being there. A great item to get for bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, wildlife, scenery, etc.



1. Single tube with 40X60 magnification

2. High-quality optical components can provide high-quality images.

3. Suitable for travel, fishing, hiking, bird watching and outdoor activities.

4. Durable and high-quality materials are also suitable for harsh environments.

5. Good effect in low light and night

6. Ensure excellent transmittance and brightness of various coated optical components

7. Double focus ability

8. One-handed operation

9. Powerful, ultra compact, ultra light

10. Objective lens: the diameter of the objective lens or the front objective lens.

11. The larger the lens, the brighter the light and the brighter the image

12. Night vision during the day. It will help you see things in low light, but not help you see things in darkness




1. 52 mm Big Object Lens 
2. 22 mm Oversized Eyepiece


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