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Savver 4 in 1 Portable Jump Starter with Air Pump Pro

Savver 4 in 1 Portable Jump Starter with Air Pump Pro

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1. It can be used as a car jump starter to start the car.

2. It can inflate tires as an inflation pump.

3. In addition, it has the function of emergency lighting.

4.Easy to use.

5. Multiple protections

6.Great for many types of tires and sports equipment.

Inflation pump mode:

Inflation tube length: 15cm threaded air tube
Scope of application: car, bicycle, battery car, ball, etc
Main scope of application: cars, bicycles, motorcycles,electric motorcycles, balls, etc
Special Feature: Digital Display Screen
Operating temperature:-20°C~60°℃
Maximum air pressure: 150PSI
Accuracy: ±1.5psi
Measurement Precision: 1.5PSI

Car Jump Starter mode:

Output voltage: 12V
Battery capacity: 8000mAh
Battery type: lithium ion battery
Peak current: 2000A
Scope of application: applicable to 12V, 4.0L gasoline vehicles
Applicable to 12V, 2.5L diesel vehicles

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